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The BagPod, A Butter-Soft Carry-On

Following 25 years of travelling all over the world with Reuters LTD, Swedish-born Marianne Waters appreciated the importance of being ultra-organised.  From a life continually on the move, Marianne’s idea for the award-winning handbag organiser BagPod was born. 

With 5 external and 6 internal compartments including a zipped pocket for small items, as well as a key fob on a leather strap, the BagPod compartmentalizes your handbag: it holds everything from your smartphone and business cards to your make-up and house-keys, for faster, easier access to those day-to-day necessities.  The BagPod can also be easily transferred from bag to bag, allowing you to switch handbags in a matter of seconds, without leaving a single one of your essentials behind.

Available in beautiful butter-soft leather or natural canvas, the BagPod comes in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) to suit the shape of your handbag, the BagPod is sure to be the ultimate accessory for the style-savvy woman-on-the-go!

‘My mission for the future is to develop a full range of accessories, which help women organise and simplify their lives while maintaining their sense of style...’  Marianne Waters

The BagPod is available at www.reddogbags.com














































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